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John Barry ‎–King Rat lp


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John Barry’s soundtrack to King Rat brings about the entire experience of this unforgettable film. George Segal shines in this very good prisoner of war film as Cpl. King, King Rat. This is perhaps George Segal’s finest performance. George Segal is the very cold and calculating King right down to his ironed shirts and well manicured fingernails. I think this is director Bryan Forbes best work as it truly is outstanding. It is shame that Bryan Forbes has gone so unrecognized as a great director since he chose to concentrate on writing after leaving a post as head of production at London’s Elstree Studios. John Barry really captured something here with this soundtrack. It is very moving, very thought provoking, and distinctive and deserves a place among the great war movie soundtracks. His Main Title, with oboe, cimbalom and harp, is one of the most hauntingly sad themes ever written. This soundtrack is an underappreciated gem, hidden among John Barry’s many soundtracks. Highly recommended.

Track list:
1. King Rat March
2. Main Title
3. Tuned In At Changi
4. Just As You Were
5. There Is A Radio In This Hut
6. Just As You Were
7. Touch And Go
8. Grey’s Day
9. Just As You Were
10. The Recovery Of Marlowe
11. The End Is At Hand
12. King Rat March

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