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John Norum -Face The Truth cd [original]


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Original German 1992 press

John Norum’s second full-length disc, Face The Truth, contains a gratifying collection of tracks. Released in 1992, the album’s material is in a straightforward hard rock musical direction. There are 11 cuts. The songwriting is good, the musicianship is solid, and the sound quality is crisp. Norum’s guitar playing is skillful, precise, and sleek. Keyboards are sparingly used throughout. The vocal duties are handled by Norum and Glenn Hughes and both of them do well with the vocals. Opium Trail is a Thin Lizzy cover where Norum does a very good laid back vocal. The album also features Accept bass player Peter Baltes, Swedish all around drummer Hempo Hilden and guest vocals by Joey Tempest and guest drums by Mikkey Dee. Face The Truth is a worthy disc to own for any Norum, Europe or Glenn Hughes collector.

Track listing:
1. Face The Truth
2. Night Buzz
3. In Your Eyes
4. Opium Trail-Thin Lizzy cover
5. We Will Be Strong
6. Good Man Shining
7. Time Will Find the Answer
8. Counting On Your Love
9. Endica
10. Still The Night
11. Distant Voices

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