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John West –Earth Maker cd


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One of metal most interesting vocalist is John West, known from Feinstein, Artension and of course the Danish progressive act Royal Hunt. So when you hear that he has put together a metal concept album about a Native American Chief, Shanandoah, and he has invited Chris Caffery from Savatage, Vitalij Kuprij of Artension and Andre Andersen of Royal Hunt and uses Halford solo backing band for the project then you just need to raise your eyebrows. Some songs are written and mainly carried by Savatage’s Chris Caffery, and these songs sound like simplified Savatage, the Kuprij and Andersen track is a key fest and the tracks wirtten by Metal Mike Chlasciak sounds just like Halford’s Resurrection material. The music manages to reincarnate Indian beats into a heavy metal crunchy riff- and shred-work. Both guitarists are undisputed masters of the fretboard, and the drummer is none other than Bobby Jarzombek, of Riot and Halford fame. If you liked albums such as Halford Resurrection, Dickinson’s Accident Of Birth and Chemical Wedding, Helloween’s A Dark Ride then you need to get John West’s Earth Maker. A great album and music that refuses to get old.

Track list:
1. Soul Of The Beast
2. When Worlds Collide
3. Sleep Of The Dead
4. Stand, Sentinel
5. Life
6. Warrior Spirit
7. Mystic Wings
8. Love Is Pain
9. Earth Maker
10. Soul To Soul

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