Jorn -Lonely Are The Brave lp



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Black vinyl with insert

Mr, Jorn “I will definitely play in you project man” Lande, manages to release his I dunno is it like 5th ? album excluding the best off’s and live albums, and possibly 9th overall solo release. He’s been in the biz now for a while and has managed to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with. He’s pretty much doing here, what he does best, that’s rocking and rolling like a wicked, illegitimate “Child of Babylon” just before it’s “Gates”. Yeah, the typical Coverdale meets Dio fare, with varying degree of successful songwriting, and not so successful songwriting…. “Lonely are the brave” is a decent opener, but “Night City” is probably a notch up, “War of the world” is a mid tempo composition, that doesn’t exactly set the world on fire, until the chorus kicks in, but the slightly faster “Shadow People” seems to fare better.”Soul of the wind” again, doesn’t quite do it for me, but “Man of the dark” with all it’s little stolen phrases, and mannerisms, sort of does. “Promises” keeps on plodding at midpace, which is a bit of a problem with the whole album, as Jorn seems to be most – impressive when the pedals on the metal, but manages to captivate the listener with it’s very engaging melodies and smart yet unobtrusive almost stealth – chorus! If only this was a bit BIGGER, it might have been Leppard’s “Women” from which the riff heavily borrows. Haha. “The Inner road” is an ok song – hell even maybe a bit progressive in Jorn’s case.“Hellfire” is a weird way t close the album, a rather gloomy, grandiose song, like a doomy version of “Rainbow” or something, a very eerie piece…. A bit of a bleak way to finish the album. While non essential, it’s yet a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. Well fans of jorn will probably get it no matter what, so why even try to preach to the converted ?!

Track listing:
1. Lonely Are The Brave
2. Night City
3. War Of The World
4. Shadow People
5. Soul Of The Wind
6. Man Of The Dark
7. Promises
8. The Inner Road
9. Hellfire

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Inner Wound Records

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IW 83023

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