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Josiah –No Time cd


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Like a long lost British heavy rock classic from 1970 on the Vertigo label. Josiah has that sound down cold. Think Sabbath, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, and Josiah! These guys rock hard and take no prisoners, and it’s just three of them. The songs are potent slices of that point in time where the harder they rocked, the better the world was for it. Echoes of days long gone, when prog rock didn’t have that name yet, and the established heavy metal sound was still a decade away. Josiah is certainly capable of shredding with the best of them, and the compositions have enough sharp corners, labyrinths and switchbacks to keep it interesting all the way through. Vocals are powerful and commanding, always dead on key and right in your face. Add to it all some authentic sounding late 60s/early 70s production, and there will be no doubt about it: You’ve gone back in a proto metal time machine.

Track list:
1. Looking At The Mountain
2. No Time
3. Long Time Burning
4. The Dark
5. Time To Kill
6. Silas Brainchild
7. My Bird Of Prey
8. I Can’t Seem To Find It

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