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Rare test pressing. Testpressings are very hard to obtain and are often only made in 5-25 copies. A testpressing or an acetate is a crown jewel in any vinyl collection. Mega rare testpressing that comes with plain white labels

Double album on black vinyls. 

Judas Priest’s first official live recording, Unleashed In The East, has always been met with equal amounts of acclaim and controversy: acclaim from those who consider it an excellent summation of the metal legend’s 1970s output, and controversy from the critics and industry insiders who criticized what they believed to be a heavily overdubbed and studio-enhanced performance, mockingly naming it Unleashed In The Studio at times. What we have here on the other hand are the original full recording of one of those magic nights in Japan in 1978. The album says its recorded at Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall in Nagoya Japan on the 3rd of August 1978 however the Koseinenkin Hall is in Tokyo so this should be Nagoya-Shi Kokaido Hall which is in Nagoya if the date is right or otherwise its recorded at the Kosienenkin Hall in Tokyo on the 31rd of July (the same night Unleashed In The East was recorded). Anyway two things that bothers me regarding the original Unleashed In The East album is the two tracks Running Wild and The Green Manalishi. Checking the notes and set lists that are available from that 6 show tour of Japan in the autumn in 1978 you never see that these two tracks were performed. Anyway all these questions aside its great to have a full show from that Japan tour and its now easy to listen to this double album and compare it to Unleashed In The East regarding all the studio overdubs. And still no matter what an unedit and uncut Japan 1978 show is a pure blessing. Look at that impressing track listing we have here. You have a powerful version of the storming anthem “Exciter” and the band delivers the definitive version of the prog metallic “Sinner,” and competent versions of the popular cover tunes, “Diamonds And Rust” and “Better By You, Better Than Me”. As for the “live” dilemma on Unleashed In The East, in the late ’90s estranged singer Rob Halford would claim in interviews that, while the band’s playing was indeed recorded entirely live, his vocals had been ruined in the original mix, forcing him to re-record them in one take in a concert-like setting. Now you have it here the complete show without studio interference and fans seeking a concise, nearly flawless collection of Priest’s 1970s hits will not be disappointed. If this wasnt enough for any fans of pure heavy metal to buy this one then you also have 5 very exciting bonus tracks. Three of them being recorded at the Old Grey Whistle Test by BBC in 1975 when John Hinch were still playing drums with the band

Track list:
1. 1812 Overture-intro/Exciter
2. White Heat, Red Hot
3. The Ripper
4. Sinner
5. Beyond The Realms Of Death
6. Better By You, Better Than Me-Spooky Tooth cover
7. Victim of Changes
8. Diamonds And Rust-Joan Baez cover
9. Genocide
10. Starbreaker
11. Tyrant
12. Dreamer Deceiver-Old Grey Whistle Test BBC 1975
13. Deceiver-Old Grey Whistle Test BBC 1975
14. Rocka Rolla-Old Grey Whistle Test BBC 1975
15. Rock Forever-Rockpop TV Germany 1978
16. Take On The World-Top Of The Pops TV England 1979

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Iron Eagle Records

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IE 102/103

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