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Judas Priest -Rocka Rolla lp


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Re-issue on 180g black vinyl with gatefold cover

Judas Priest’s frequently overlooked debut lacks the sonic punch of its successors, but it has its charms and, more importantly, displays the roots of what would become the band’s classic sound–brooding lyrics, raucous riffs, and Rob Halford’s distinctive screams and multi-faceted vocals. ‘Rocka Rolla’ remains one of the quintet’s most diverse efforts, particularly the “Winter Suite,” which traverses the dirge-like atmosphere of “Winter,” the eerie feedback exercise of “Deep Freeze,” the tranquil respite of “Winter Retreat,” and the snarling blues-rock of “Cheater.” Also featured is the epic, melancholy ballad “Run of the Mill,” which features an atypically quiet solo that builds in intensity to reach the song’s despondent, dramatic climax. Priest may no longer play these songs live, but there are some memorable moments to be found on ‘Rocka Rolla’. The 1998 Snapper reissue features a bonus track, a cover of Joan Baez’s “Diamonds and Rust,” a different version than the one later found on ‘Sin After Sin’

Track listing:
1. One For The Road
2. Rocka Rolla
3. Winter
4. Deep Freeze
5. Winter Retreat
6. Cheater
7. Never Satisfied
8. Run Of The Mill
9. Dying To Meet You
10. Caviar And Meths
11. Diamonds And Rust-Joan Baez cover

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