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Juggernaut -Baptism Under Fire lp


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2019 re-issue on black vinyl with lyric insert and poster

Although few of the players became successful enough to tell the tale, San Antonio, TX, was home to numerous heavy metal bands in the 1980s, like progressive metal cult idols Watchtower, the other Slayer, and, more obscure than both, Juggernaut. Formed in 1985 by vocalist Harlan Glenn, guitarist Eddie Katilius, bassist Scott Womack, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek, Juggernaut shared Watchtower’s flair for supra-technical, prog-inflected speed metal, which they debuted on their 1986 album, Baptism Under Fire, after completing the rite of passage that was being included in a Metal Massacre compilation. Baptism Under Fire has many memorable moments and a very strong nostalgic feel that reeks of the glory days of real metal. Not a pure speed fest like many of their peers, these guys churn out a few mid- paced jams that are thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end, and of course the speedier tracks (Burn Tonight, Cut Throat, Hang ’em High, to name a couple) are catchy and well executed. The band used shock value stage antics such as a coffin and blood spewing and could be described as a mix of Impaler with the essential Judas Priest influences along with that sound and feel certain Metal Blade bands shared at the time. But there’s a lot more going on here, for instance, the beginning of Hang ’em High briefly resembles the early sounds of Tank along with the main riff of the song. So if you have a love for classic releases that never quite broke any ground or changed the world you need to check this out.

Track list:
1. The Impaler
2. Slow Death
3. Cast The First Stone
4. Rains Of Death
5. Cut Throat
6. All Hallows Eve
7. Burn Tonight
8. Juggernaut
9. Purgatorys Child
10. Blizzards
11. Hang’em High

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