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Just Before Dawn -Of The Battlefield cd


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Just Before Dawn is a project of Anders Biazzi, guitarist for Blood Mortized and it could be compared to Fred Estbys Necronaut. The band has released a couple of albums with tons of guests on them. However Of The Battlefield isnt a new album by the band but a compilation of old material and some previously unreleased tracks. The first two songs come from the 2020 single They Shall Not Grow Old. Numbers three, four and five formed the EP Who Knows What the Dark Brings in the same year. Numbers six to eleven saw the light of day in 2022 as the EP Battle-Sight Zeroing and the last three are new, of which Apocalypse is a cover of Hypocrisy. Guests this time around is William Persson Öberg (Creeping Flesh, guitar) on the first two songs. The vocalists are: Robban Karlsson (Creeping Flesh) on numbers one and two, Joakim Rudemyr (Desolator, Within The Fall) on number three, Damien Terry (Envig) on ​​number four and Stefan Nordström (Desolator, Ending Quest and Soliloquim) on number five. Remco Kreft (Graceless, Soulburn) sing on numbers six, seven, eight, ten, eleven and fourteen and Jonny Pettersson (Bezerker Legion, Henry Kane, Massacre, Wombbath) on nine and twelve. The first and last number is performed by Dave Ingram (Echelon, Down Among The Dead Men, Benediction, ex-Bolt Thrower). If you like death metal then you need this. Its effective, steamy old school death metal with a war theme that comes through so nicely in the music. Of The Battlefields shows a fine example of testosterone death metal in which the singers are given every opportunity to showcase themselves. Whether they are called Kreft or Karlsson, Pettersson or Ingram: every track it is the singers who, cheered up by the thunderous music, make the songs what they are: little gems full of old-school fun.

Track list:
1. They Shall Not Grow Old
2. Into The First Wave
3. Who Knows What The Dark Brings
4. Goliath Revived
5. Before The Fall
6. Killzone
7. MacV SoG
8. Tunnel Rats
9. Into An Ambush
10. Tail-End Charlie
11. Hill 937
12. Apocalypse
13. Pathfinders
14. We Will Rise

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