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K.T. Oslin ‎–Love In A Small Town cd


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Oslin built this loosely defined concept album from 10 years of song, including the first one she wrote. Oslin sings of the guises romance wears in the small-town South: Nelda Jean Prudie waxes nostalgic about weekend dances of her Texas youth; a young girl enthuses about a pick-up-driving Romeo named Cornell Crawford; and people searching for perfect partner wind up lonely. Love In A Small Town also contains a low-key version of the 1946 standard “You Call Everybody Darling” and a cover of Mickey And Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange.” Oslin’s coyness isn’t always flattering, and the arrangements sometimes border on a new countrypolitan, but those moments are rare. On most of Small Town, Oslin displays her best assets: her worldly sensibility and complex maturity.

Track list:
1. Come Next Monday
2. Oo-Wee
3. Mary And Willi
4. Love Is Strange
5. Momma Was A Dancer
6. New Way Home
7. Cornell Crawford
8. Still On My Mind
9. You Call Everybody Darling
10. Two Hearts

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