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Kaledon -Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness cd


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Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness is the ninth studio album from the Italian power metallers Kaledon. This time we have Michele Guaitoli from Overtures on vocals and the band plays an interesting mix of heavy, power, epic, symphonic and thrash metal. Its almost impossible to resist the rich riffing on this album or the meaty solos. The keyboard is at battle with the guitars and together they create a thick energetic sound. Carnagus feels a way heavier compared to the bands previous albums but it still can get real bombastic and epic. I see no reason why power metal shouldn’t love this one.

Track list:
1. Tenebrae Venture Sunt
2. The Beginning Of The Night
3. Eyes Without Life
4. The Evil Witch
5. Dark Reality
6. The Two Bailouts
7. Trapped On The Throne
8. Telepathic Messages
9. Evil Beheaded
10. The End Of The Undead

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