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Kalmah -Swampsong lp


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Black vinyl with a 4-page lyric booklet and one bonus track. Limited 400 numbered copies

From the swamplands of Finland came the dark and mysterious Kalmah. After the release of their debut album, Swamplord, in 2000 they got accused of being a Children Of Bodom clone. But the band found their fans and created their own sound. 80s metal influenced riffs that has been speeded up and with some black metal atmosphere added. Their third album, Swampsong, is a recording that expands on all aspects that made Kalmah a force to be reckoned with in the first place. This is probably the album in their catalouge that has the most similar guitar sound to Bodom. However they keyboards, compared to the two previous albums, are pretty much nonexistent. The band had problems keeping keyboard players in the band, and they decided to use the keys less and it made a huge impact on the band’s sound. Their aggression is higher than the average melodic death metal band, and their singer possesses a very distinguishable voice, making this band unique. But lets not dwell on the similarities between Kalmah and Children Of Bodom. The simple fact is that none of them are that unique. They both took the sound the creators of the genre, At The Gates, and added a bit of their own sound to the mix.

Track list:
1. Heroes To Us
2. Burbots Revenge
3. Cloned Insanity
4. The Third, The Magical
5. Bird Of III Omen
6. Doubtful About It All
7. Tordah
8. Man With Mystery
9. Moon Of My Nights
10. Suodeath

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