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Kalmah -They Will Return lp


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Black vinyl with a 4-page lyric booklet. Limited 400 numbered copies

Kalmah have been accused of being a Children Of Bodom clone or some people say this band is just power metal with harsh vocals, but none of the above do them any justice. Kalmah sounds like they took some WASP influenced riffs and played them fast as hell, with a black metal feel and atmosphere behind it (think Dissection or old Emperor). So it’s more like a black metal album with an 80’s metal feel, with harsh vocals. It’s a strange contrast but it works amazingly well. The songs themselves absolutely rip. Kalmah wastes no time in making great riffs. Lots of soaring guitar melodies mixed with thrashy riffs and drumming and shredding guitar/keyboard solos, and a demonic evil sort of feel. Some songs have a ‘chorusy’ feel without being bad. Once again reminding me of the glory days of the 80’s (WASP in particular), but in no way overly emotional or dramatic. Give this band a chance if you haven’t heard them yet. This thing shreds, and when it doesn’t, it still kills with its amazingly good sense of song writing.

Track listing:
1. Hollow Heart
2. Swamphell
3. Principle Hero
4. Human Fates
5. They Will Return
6. Kill The Idealist
7. The Blind Leader
8. My Nation
9. Skin O My Teeth-Megadeth cover

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