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Katatonia -Brave Yester Days dcd


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Double cd in digipak cover

This is a best of album featuring their doom/death metal material (the early era.). It begins with the tracks from Jhva Elohim Meth. Tracks 6-7 comes from Dance Of December Souls, Tracks 8-9 from War Compilation Volume One, Tracks 10-13 from For Funerals To Come, tracks 14-15 taken from Brave Murder Day, tracks 16-19 from Sounds Of Decay and one previously unreleased track. Then we have material from Saw You Drown. The song Black Erotica is an earlier version of the song 12 from the Brave Murder Day album.

Track list:
1. Midwinter Gates (Prologue)
2. Without God
3. Palace Of Frost
4. The Northern Silence
5. Crimson Tears (Epilogue)
6. Gateways Of Bereavement
7. Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl)
8. Black Erotica
9. Love Of The Swan
10. Funeral Wedding
11. Shades Of Emerald Fields
12. For Funerals To Come
13. Epistle
14. Murder
15. Rainroom
16. Nowhere
17. At Last
18. Inside The Fall
19. Untrue
20. Nerve
21. Saw You Drown
22. Quiet World
23. Scarlet Heavens

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