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Katatonia -Night Is The New Day cd


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Swedish mediabook edition with one bonus track

‘Night is the New Day is so strong I’m confident with a little elbow grease Katatonia might just be the darlings of 2009. If they aren’t I’m kicking ass and taking names’ – Decibel 9/10

‘possibly the greatest ‘heavy’ record I have heard in the last 10 years… it truly is a masterpiece!’
– Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)

‘Night Is The New Day’ is Katatonia’s eighth studio album. It was recorded throughout July 2009 and was co-produced, engineered and mixed by David Castillo. An extension of the heaviness, depth and atmosphere featured on their previous outing, ‘Night Is the New Day’ is also a more eclectic effort – moving between prog grandeur, ambient melancholy, folk delicacy and the classic melodic anthems.

Track listing:
1. Forsaker
2. The Longest Year
3. Idle Blood
4. Onward Into Battle
5. Liberation
6. The Promise of Deceit
7. Nephilim
8. New Night
9. Inheritance
10. Day and Then the Shade
11. Ashen
12. Departer

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