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Katatonia -Sounds Of Decay 10″


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Black 10 vinyl with one bonus track, printed innersleeve and new liner notes written by guitarist and co-founder Anders Nystrom.

The first of two Katatonia discs to feature Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth subbing for regular vocalist Jonas Renske, Brave Murder Day is perhaps the most thorough and accomplished first-phase release from the Swedish death/doom outfit. The music is simple, almost trance-like gothic metal topped with Akerfeldt’s signature shouts and growls. The Sounds Of Decay EP was Katatonia’s last piece of Death/Doom before heading into depressive Rock territory, and it’s definitely an appropriate goodbye. Its pretty much seamlessly continues the deranged direction of ‘Brave Murder Day’ without any real changes, and changes were not needed at this point, because it was perfection.

Track listing:
1. Nowhere
2. At Last
3. Inside The Fall
4. Untrue

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