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Katatonia -The Great Cold Distance cd [box]


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Clam shell box set with cd, poster and band member postcards

For some time now, Katatonia have deserved widespread mainstream recognition. While ‘The great cold distance’ somehow manages to surpass what the band has achieved before in that respect, it does so without resorting to any cheap commercial tricks. It follows the same path as its predecessors, with a little tweaking of the band’s sound and the addition of the odd element or variation. Above all however, it is a hugely inspired and accomplished album: the songwriting is brilliant, and the results unique, emotional and infectious all at the same time!

Track Listing
1. Leaders
2. Deliberation
3. Soil’s Song
4. My Twin
5. Consternation
6. Follower
7. Rusted
8. Increase
9. July
10. In The White
11. The Itch
12. Journey Through Pressure
13. My Twin-video

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