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Kate Bush ‎–This Womans Videos 1978-1993 dvd


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One of the most successful and popular solo female performers to come out of England during the last several decades of the 20th century, Kate Bush was also one of the most unusual, with her keening vocals and unusually literate and complex body of songs. She arrived in 1978 with the single Wuthering Heights, as strange a song as any that has spent four weeks at No 1. With her striking looks, high vocal register and Lindsay Kemp-inspired dancing, her impact swiftly moved beyond the confines of the music press. Auberon Waugh declared himself a fan and, according to one of those immeasurable statistics by which fame is quantified, in 1978 Bush was the most photographed woman in Britain. She did her first tour in 1979 called The Tour Of Life however this would be her only tour until the return to the stage in 2014. After her tour of 1979 she would instead give all her creativeness into lavish videos and one patchy short film, The Line, The Cross And The Curve. This dvd compilation features 25 of her videos together with 5 bonus songs from TV appearances done between 1978 and 1985. Any Kate Bush fan need to have this one

Track list:
1. Wuthering Heights
2. The Man With The Child In His Eyes
3. Hammer Horror
4. Wow
5. Them Heavy People-live version 1979
6. Breathing
7. Babooshka
8. Army Dreamers
9. Sat In Your Lap
10. The Dreaming
11. Suspended In Gaffa
12. There Goes A Tenner
13. Running Up That Hill
14. Hounds Of Love
15. The Big Sky
16. Cloudbusting
17. Experiment IV
18. The Sensual World
19. Love And Anger
20. This Woman’s Work
21. Rocket Man-Elton John Tribute
22. Rubberband Girl
23. And So Is Love
24. Moments Of Pleasure
25. The Man I Love-George Gershwin Tribute
26. Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake-Leo Sayer Show UK-TV, 17th November 1978
27. December Will Be Magic-Winter Snowtime Special UK-TV 22nd of December 1979
28. Delius-Dr. Hook Show UK-TV 7th of April 1980
29. The Big Sky-Peters Pop Show German TV 30th November 1983
30. The Man I Love-TOTP UK-TV 17th November 1983

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