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Kee Marcello -Redux: Melon Demon Drive cd


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Kee Marcello shouldn’t need no introduction. He has toured all over the world as guitarist with Europe and before that he played with Easy Action. In 2011 he released his biography ‘The Rock Star That God Forgot’ and at the same time he released two solo albums since the sadly underrated album 2004 album, Melon Demon Divine. The two albums was Redux Europe and Rexud Melon Demon Drive which both were re-recordings of old material. While one album featured re-recorded Europe material this second one is a re-recording of that second solo album from 2004 with bonus material.

Track list:
1. Pre-Fix
2. E.M.D.
3. Enemies
4. Blood
5. Epic
6. Raptor
7. If
8. Falling Apart
9. Hey Romeo
10. Evil Ways
11. Tattoo For Patto
12. Comin Home
13. Ride On
14. Raptor-instrumental
15. Midnight Sun Mojo
16. We Got It All-duet with Alannah Myles
17. Wherever You Go-demo

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