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Kent -Vapen Och Ammunition lp [white]


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20th anniversary album on white vinyl. Limited 2450 copies

Swedish alternative pop rock band Kent’s fourth album Vapen Och Ammunition takes off where Isola left off. Hagnesta Hill was in between these two and even though it was a great album it still had a tad too much synth. Vapen Och Ammunition is a much better album. It’s bittersweet and melancholy and the music is quite catchy with gorgeous harmonies, sweeping melodies and just enough electronic tinge to give it an interesting texture.

Track list:
1. Sundance Kid
2. Pärlor
3. Dom Andra
4. Duett
5. Hur Jag Fick Dig Att Älska Mig
6. Kärleken Väntar
7. Socker
8. FF
9. Elite
10. Sverige

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