Khold -Til Endes lp



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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

After six years in the shadows, Khold returned with the album “Til Endes” which was released by Peaceville Records. Once again, Khold project their lyrics in Norwegian and have Gard in the center of the entire concept. Like the majority of the songs included in the record, the first track “Myr” revolves around the simplistic and somehow repetitive guitar riffs with the addition of a some sort of lead element personifying a skin ripping off. Soon, with this track, we feel the groove the band always has praised. The opened and balanced riffs are a very audible component in the album, but we can also find some compact and tense riffs reminding of Taake, although not so rigid or cold. The bass guitar happens to appear here and there with some preponderance giving to the listener an alert that this instrument is there and can make the difference within the songs’ structures and sound. The old-school reminiscence is also present in Khold’s actuality like in the track “Skogens Oye” due to the punk outfit that originated black metal. In spite of Khold’s simplicity dressed with catchy soundscapes, some drumming rolls can be heard in songs like “Avund” or “Hengitt”; however, these rolls don’t differ a lot between each other and it seems we are always listening to the same thing. The most attentive and knowledgeable ears will identify “Dommens Armé” as a cover song for Sepultura’s “Troops Of Doom”, but sung in Norwegian. It’s a loyal cover with the implementation of black metal elements giving to the song Khold’s own vision. The band’s own vision is also interpreted by the intentional tempo deceleration regarding the original. In sum, this is not a Khold’s grandiose comeback, but it’s not a failure. “Til Endes” is a concise and characteristic album that, of course, will please the hardcore fans and will introduce the band to some new black metal enthusiasts that didn’t hear about this band yet due to several years of silence.

Track list:
1. Myr
2. Skogens Oye
3. Ravnestrupe
4. Dommens Arme-Sepultura cover
5. Til Endes
6. Det Dunkle Dyp
7. Avund
8. Hengitt

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