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Killing Mood ‎–Just Another Love Song cd


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Love and Death, two subjects we all have to face-the first we crave and wish for, the second we vainly and sometimes desperately try to avoid. Killing Mood is the stage name of one Belinda Kordic, who has created an album based around these two themes and how they intertwine. Belinda was born in Australia of Croatian Hippie-parents. Part of her life is almost like reading a novel by Charles Bukowski- she spent years experiencing and to a great extent enjoying that “bum life”. Today she has more stability. After the split of her former band Stabb in 2003, Miss Kordic immediately started to write new songs in a completely different musical direction then previously, and thus was born ‘Killing Mood.’ Killing Mood songs, both lyrically and musically are melancholic, beautiful, serious and dark. Some can also be humorous and commercial. For example there is irony in a song like “Love burns”, where the central figure ends up shooting her man. But throughout the album the subject of death is at the forefront, not just the sadness and the pain, but the moving on of the human spirit from this life……of reaching the end. Miss Kordics musical influences include amongst others, Nina Simone and Fleetwood Mac as well as Benjamin Smoke, Johnny Cash and the unique blue-grass singer Ralph Stanley. “These three gentlemen inspired me to bring the banjo into the songs”. One of the highlights of this album is a truly beautiful cover of ‘Strange Fruit’, a song made famous by Billie Holiday. But within this musical landscape you will find tinges of country and jazz whilst Belindas haunting voice and soulful melodies make this a unique listening experience. But the influences aren´t all musical. Insanity, the elderly, life and of course death play their part too. Killing Mood is one of the most original and moving albums you will hear all year. Just Another Love Song is produced together with Ronald Bood . “It was very important for me to work with someone who shared and respected my visions and ideas. I found the right man in Bood”.

Track list:
1. Dancing With The Damned (The Damned)
2. Still
3. The Urge
4. Devils Robe
5. If I Could
6. Love Burns
7. Its You Again
8. Strange Fruit
9. Orbit
10. Killing You
11. Road To Nowhere
12. Rambin Man

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