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King Crimson -In The Court Of The Crimson King cd/dvd


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40th anniversary edition with cd and dvd in digipak in slipcase

King Crimson is a rock band founded in London in 1968 and they are widely recognized as a foundational progressive rock group. The band have incorporated diverse influences and instrumentation during their history (including jazz and folk music, classical and experimental music, psychedelic rock, hard rock and heavy metal, New Wave, gamelan, electronica and drum and bass). They have been influential on many contemporary musical artists and have gained a large following, despite garnering little radio or music video airplay. ‘In The Court Of Crimson King’ was the group’s definitive album, and one of the most daring debut albums ever recorded by anybody. At the time, it blew all of the progressive/psychedelic competition (the Moody Blues, the Nice etc.) out of the running, although it was almost too good for the band’s own good — it took King Crimson nearly four years to come up with a record as strong or concise. Ian McDonald’s Mellotron is the dominant instrument, along with his saxes and Fripp’s guitar, making this a somewhat different-sounding record from everything else they ever did. And even though that Mellotron sound is muted and toned down compared to their concert work of the era (e.g., Epitaph), it is still fierce and overpowering, on an album highlighted by strong songwriting (most of it filled with dark and doom-laden visions), the strongest singing of Greg Lake’s entire career, and Fripp’s guitar playing that strangely mixed elegant classical, Hendrix-like rock explosions, and jazz noodling. Line-up changes commenced immediately upon the album’s release, and Fripp would ultimately be the only survivor on later King Crimson records.

Track list:
1. 21st Century Schizoid Man/Mirrors
2. I Talk To The Wind
3. Epitaph
4. Moonchild
5. The Court Of The Crimson King
6. Moonchild-full version
7. I Talk To The Wind-duo version
8. I Talk To The Wind-alternate mix
9. Epitaph
10. Wind Session

Dvd list:
1. 21st Century Schizoid Man
2. I Talk To The Wind
3. Epitaph
4. Moonchild
5. The Court Of The Crimson King
6. 21st Century Schizoid Man-2009 stereo mix
7. I Talk To The Wind-2009 stereo mix
8. Epitaph-2009 stereo mix
9. Moonchild-2009 stereo mix
10. The Court Of The Crimson King-2009 stereo mix
11. 21st Century Schizoid Man-original 2004 master edition
12. I Talk To The Wind-original 2004 master edition
13. Epitaph-original 2004 master edition
14. Moonchild-original 2004 master edition
15. The Court Of The Crimson King-original 2004 master edition
16. Moonchild-full version
17. I Talk To The Wind-duo version
18. I Talk To The Wind-alternate mix
19. Epitaph
20. Wind Session
21. 21st Century Schizoid Man-instrumental
22. I Talk To The Wind-studio run through
23. Epitaph-alternate version
24. Moonchild-Take 1
25. The Court Of The Crimson King-Take 3
26. 21st Century Schizoid Ma-edit version-video

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