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King Diamond -Abigail II dlp


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2018 re-issue. Double album on black vinyls with lyric insert and poster

Abigail II: The Revenge, King Diamond’s tenth full-length solo album and sequel to his 1987 classic, Abigail, unfortunately doesn’t recapture much of the magic of the original, but instead continues the consistent but less inspired professionalism of most of his latter-day work. What separates King Diamond’s great records from the mediocre ones is not storylines, but songs; his best have memorable melodies, detailed atmospheres, and imagination (listen to the first four or five records for evidence of this). Abigail II naturally has all the sonic hallmarks of classic King Diamond and, of course, the music is beautifully executed. It’s just not as memorable as the old stuff, and is nearly indistinguishable from its predecessors. Still, hardcore fans won’t be disappointed. Also includes some cringe-inducing dialogue and “acting.”

Track list:
1. Spare This Life (Intro)
2. The Storm
3. A Mansion In Sorrow
4. Miriam
5. Little One
6. Slippery Stairs
7. The Crypt
8. Broken Glass
9. More Than Pain
10. The Wheelchair
11. Spirits
12. Mommy
13. Sorry Dear (Outro)

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