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King Diamond -Boston 2015 dlp


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Double album on black vinyls. Limited 100 copies

King Diamond wasn’t the first musician to write a rock opera, but he was certainly an innovator in the field. Despite having released a dozen albums in his career, 1987’s cinematic Abigail remains the high point of his career. The singer and his eponymous band went out in 2015 on their Abigail In Concert 2015 tour. On this tour the band performed the Abigail album in its entirety. Abigail tells the story of an eighteenth-century couple, Miriam and Jonathan, who move into a castle in which a count once murdered his pregnant wife. The unborn child’s spirit inhabits Miriam’s body and is reborn. King Diamond’s huge vocal range — including his trademark falsetto — makes it possible for him to voice all of the characters on the album. It’s a spooky story full of witchcraft and intrigue, the perfect pre-Halloween show. This album includes the show at Orpheum Theatre in Boston on the 24th of November 2015. Exodus were support act but when the lights went down, and “Grandma” wheeled onto the stage then it was here one of the most eagerly-awaited concerts of a long time. Did it live up to expectations? Well, yes. Obviously. King opened up with the classic, “Welcome Home,” to which the crowd responded wildly. He followed with “Sleepless Nights,” “Eye Of The Witch,” and “Halloween.” We were treated to Mercyful Fate songs as well (“Melissa,” and “Come To The Sabbath”) and then it was down to business with Abigail. Even back when Abigail was released he never decided to perform all tracks from the album so this night was definitely something magic. King definitely didn’t disappoint, belting out songs like “The Family Ghost,” “The 7th Day of July 1777,” and of course, “Abigail.” I’m almost positive I wasn’t the only one in the audience with full body chills as he performed. Despite being almost 60 years old, King Diamond shows no signs of slowing down. His dark on-stage demeanour is not act – Mr. Petersen is a follower of LaVeyan Satanism and even sings with a microphone stand made of bones. His entire show is spectacular. From ripping guitar solos to spot on vocals and awesome theatrics, this tour had it all and now we finally have an album to remember this awesome tour and awesome artist by.

Track list:
1. Intro: Out From The Asylum
2. Welcome Home
3. Sleepless Nights
4. Halloween
5. Eye Of The Witch
6. Melissa-Mercyful Fate cover
7. Come To The Sabbath-Mercyful Fate cover
8. Funeral
9. Arrival
10. A Mansion In Darkness
11. The Family Ghost
12. The 7th Day Of July 1777
13. Omens
14. The Possession
15. Abigail
16. Black Horsemen
17. Outro: Insanity

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