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King Diamond -The Dark Sides pic disc


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2018 picture disc. Limited 2000 copies

The Dark Sides is a little gem of rarities and B-sides from our favourite Dane. This six track is a smoking selection, even if most of these are now available on the remastered cd versions of the albums, rendering the EP itself worthless. Halloween is a King Diamond classic, though it’s the exception here since it was already released on Fatal Portrait and its own single a few years before this. Them is a creepy little narrative from the album of the same name. No Presents for Christmas is another staple song, it originally had its own single and have become a little Christmas anthem amongst metal heads. However one of the true gem on this EP is The Shrine, one of my personal favourite King Diamond tracks, an excellent track with a total LaRocque rock out riff, amazing vocal lines, and a desolate, moody bridge riff with Diamond’s mid-range horror chokes. The Lake is another decent tune, not as good as the others here though. Phone Call closes off the EP, basically the final bit from Them. In fact you could think of this EP as a nice little promotional tool for Them and Conspiracy. This was a must have release at the time of its release

Track listing:
1. Halloween
2. Them
3. No Presents For Christmas
4. Shrine
5. The Lake
6. Phone Call

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