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Limited 2001 box set featuring 4 picture discs of the studio albums The Spiders Lullabye, The Graveyard, Voodoo and House Of God

The Spiders Lullabye 1995
Perhaps his best album since the classic Abigail, King Diamond’s The Spider’s Lullaby is another inspired goth rock opera containing some of his most melodic and tightly written songs. The album is produced in typical King Diamond fashion, with loads of layered vocals, creepy atmospherics and state of the art Eurometal musicianship from the band. Underrated guitarist Andy LaRocque delivers plenty of hair-raising neoclassical solos, and newcomer Herb Simonsen is no slouch himself. Check out From the Other Side for a slice of near-perfect King Diamond craftsmanship.

The Graveyard 1996
The most underrated King Diamond album. Theres many great songs on here, a really insane and wicked storyline and atmosphere, Andys guitar playing is phenomenal and Kings vocals are top notch as always and a lot more lunatic than ever before. The Graveyard is a splendid album, and you will be hooked about the dark story and follow it through all songs. This is NOT a bad album, maybe not one of Kings best albums, but its still splendid and worth having in any serious collection.

Voodoo 1998
On King Diamond’s eighth concept album, the prolific horror rocker shows that he hasn’t run out of ideas. Vodoo is set in New Orleans, the story line is loaded with witchcraft, haunted houses, and ghosts. The music stays true to form as well; Diamond’s cartoonishly ghastly vocals haven’t lost any of their bite, long running sideman Andy LaRocque maintains his own high level of proficiency on the guitar, and the band in general turn in dependably workmanlike performances. Overall, King Diamond achieves a sort of musical equivalent to the classic Hammer horror films of the 1960s. He invests a sincere enthusiasm in his work that most metalheads should appreciate.

House Of God 2001
The test of the artist does not lie in the will with which he goes to work, but in the excellence of the work he produces – Saint Thomas Aquinas

King Diamonds ninth studio album House Of God is probably the most diverse and well conceived that King Diamond and Andy La Roque have ever come up with. The opening track has a quasi-Middle eastern sounding tinge to it, as does the mini-epic rocker “Catacombs”. You have more classic sounding rockers like “The trees have eyes”, “The Pact”, “Black Devil” and the quasi-Judas Priest sounding “This Place is Terrible”. Meanwhile, songs such as “Goodbye”, “A Passage to Hell”, “Just a Shadow” and “Follow the Wolf” have more progressive elements to them, and also some dramatic vocal performances. “Help” is, without a doubt, one of the most insane vocal performances I’ve ever heard. And we also have a rather beautiful instrumental to close the album, provided by La Roque, which has some rather odd sounding ambiences at the very ending. One particularly interesting aspect of later King Diamond material, particularly the post-Them era has been the use of atmospheric devices to aid in setting the album concepts. On earlier works, keyboards were often used sparingly at the intros, and acoustic/clean electric guitars were not often to be found. On this album, we find both Diamond and La Roque doing some rather impressive keyboard work, in addition to a rather believable choir of wolf howls on track 3. Stand out atmospheric tracks include Upon the Cross, Follow the Wolf, House of God, Help, A Passage to Hell, and the outro.

Track listing:
Disc 1: The Spiders Lullabye 1995
1. From The Other Side
2. Killer
3. The Poltergeist
4. Dreams
5. Moonlight
6. Six Feet Under
7. The Spider’s Lullabye
8. Eastmann’s Cure
9. Room 17
10. To The Morgue

Disc 2: The Graveyard 1996
1. The Graveyard
2. Black Hill Sanitorium
3. Waiting
4. Heads On The Wall
5. Whispers
6. I’m Not A Stranger
7. Digging Graves
8. Meet Me At Midnight
9. Sleep Tight Little Baby
10. Daddy
11. Trick Or Treat
12. Up From The Grave
13. I Am
14. Lucy Forever

Disc 3: Voodoo 1998
1. Louisiana Darkness
2. L.O.A. House
3. Life After Death
4. Voodoo
5. A Secret
6. Salem
7. One Down Two To Go
8. Sending Of Dead
9. Sarahs Night
10. The Exorcist
11. Unclean Spirits
12. Cross Of Baron Samedi
13. If Only They Knew
14. Aftermath

Disc 4: House Of God 2001
1. Upon The Cross
2. The Trees Have Eyes
3. Follow The Wolf
4. House Of God
5. Black Devil
6. The Pact
7. Goodbye
8. Just A Shadow
9. Help!!!
10. Passenger To Hell
11. Catacombs
12. This Place Is Terrible
13. Peace Of Mind

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