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King Diamond -The Eye pic disc


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2018 picture disc. Limited 2000 copies

How can one man put out so many great albums? His fifth album in five years, and it’s another great one. Apparently, this album wasn’t well recieved by America, ad it was in Europe. Big This would be King’s last solo album for a while, because lack of interest in the band, the brake up with the record label and Mercyful Fate rejoining. That just shows us that everyone’s tastes went down the gutter during the early 90s because this album is mind blowing and unmistakably King’s work. Here you find some great tracks like ‘The Trial’, ‘Eye Of The Witch’ etc. As usually some great guitar work by Andy and Pete. ‘The Eye’ wasn’t nearly as successful as it deserved to be. This is an highly recommended album

Track listing:
1. Eye Of The Witch
2. The Trial (Chambre Ardente)
3. Burn
4. Two Little Girls
5. Into The Convent
6. Father Picard
7. Behind These Walls
8. The Meetings
9. Insanity
10. 1642 Imprisonment
11. The Curse

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