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King Diamond -The Graveyard pic disc


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2018 double picture disc. Limited 2000 copies

The most underrated King Diamond album. Theres many great songs on here, a really insane and wicked storyline and atmosphere, Andys guitar playing is phenomenal and Kings vocals are top notch as always and a lot more lunatic than ever before. The Graveyard is a splendid album, and you will be hooked about the dark story and follow it through all songs. This is NOT a bad album, maybe not one of Kings best albums, but its still splendid and worth having in any serious collection.

Track listing:
1. The Graveyard
2. Black Hill Sanitorium
3. Waiting
4. Heads On The Wall
5. Whispers
6. I’m Not A Stranger
7. Digging Graves
8. Meet Me At Midnight
9. Sleep Tight Little Baby
10. Daddy
11. Trick Or Treat
12. Up From The Grave
13. I Am
14. Lucy Forever

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Metal Blade Records

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