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King Diamond -No Presents For Christmas 12″ [melt]


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2023 on black and white melt vinyl only made for the American market. Limited 1000 copies

King Diamonds first 12’ single was created out of a joke about a riff sounding like a Christmas song, it developed into a classic that King Diamond track and a metal holiday favourite. The beginning of the song goes from Jingle Bells to King Diamond’s trademark evil laugh. The lyrics to this song are completely nonsensical and hilarious — Santa Claus can’t find his evil list and something’s gone wrong, as there are no presents under the Xmas trees, and cartoon characters are present. The unique sound is that which launched King Diamond’s solo career, built upon the groundwork of Mercyful Fate and featuring the amazing Andy LaRocque on guitar and Mikkey Dee on drums. ‘Charon’ from the first album ‘Fatal Portrait’ is available here on the B-side. A Dark and haunting song that pays tribute to the myth of Charon, the boatman of the river Styx. As usual, it features excellent ghostly lyrics, killer riffs, excellent guitar solos, and top-notch drumming tied together with good production — what more can you want? You can’t go wrong with it.

Track list:
1. No Presents For Christmas
2. Charon

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Metal Blade Records

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3984-25227-6 / 039842522760

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