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King Diamond -Voodoo pic disc


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2018 double picture disc. Limited 2000 copies

On King Diamond’s eighth concept album, the prolific horror rocker shows that he hasn’t run out of ideas. Vodoo is set in New Orleans, the story line is loaded with witchcraft, haunted houses, and ghosts. The music stays true to form as well; Diamond’s cartoonishly ghastly vocals haven’t lost any of their bite, long running sideman Andy LaRocque maintains his own high level of proficiency on the guitar, and the band in general turn in dependably workmanlike performances. Overall, King Diamond achieves a sort of musical equivalent to the classic Hammer horror films of the 1960s. He invests a sincere enthusiasm in his work that most metalheads should appreciate.

Track listing:
1. Louisiana Darkness
2. ‘L.O.A.’ House
3. Life After Death
4. Voodoo
5. A Secret
6. Salem
7. One Down, Two To Go
8. Sending Of Dead
9. Sarah’s Night
10. The Exorcist
11. Unclean Spirits
12. Cross Of Baron Samedi
13. If Only They Knew
14. Aftermath

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