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Kingdom Come –Independent lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 400 numbered copies

The group was formed in 1987 after the break-up of Wolf’s moderately successful rock project Stone Fury. Kingdom Come became quite popular and is remarkable for its classic hard rock sound, reminding listeners of such bands as Led Zeppelin and Scorpions. Their ninth album Independent marked a change of sound to a more modern hard rock sound. For this album Lenny Wolf has taken full control of the whole process and is playing all the instruments himself and Wolf has incorporated modern elements like drum programming and sound effects. It has the effect that most song arrangements are quite grandiose and sound absolutely excellent. Further on the production is really great providing the album with a thick sound. Compared to the first Kingdom Come albums these songs are a bit mellower. However, Kingdom Come have not forgotten how to rock. Album highlight Do You Dare rocks big time with a very emotional guitar creating a great sound collage. The music on Independent is more song oriented than previous Kingdom Come albums. The beautiful ballad Forever is driven by an acoustic guitar. There is no scale shredding in the solo. The solo is focusing on the melody just like the songs in general. If you don’t like this album immediately I promise you that it will grow on you.

Track list:
1. I Can Feel It
2. Mother
3. Tears
4. Didn’t Understand
5. Forever
6. Need A Free Mind
7. America
8. Religion Needs No
9. Winner
10. Darling
11. Do You Dare
12. Easy Talking Hardline

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