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Kingdom Come –Too lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl with insert. Limited 400 numbered copies

Once labeled as a Led Zeppelin Clone, this band (which these days is mostly Lenny Wolf) is pure magic. Gone are the days of headbanging hard rock, this version of Kingdom Come is still heavy, yet soothing. Rarely does bands of this style have anything unique to offer, but Kingdom Come does, over and over (again). Their eight album, Too, features the classic Kingdom Come sound of hard rock with great riffs, touching ballads and wise lyrics. Very crisp vocals by Lenny Wolf. The record would also include three re-works of early Stone Fury songs, the band that Wolf had before Kingdom Come. If you haven`t heard Too yet,do so soon.Your in for a real treat

Track list:
1. It Ain’t So Bad
2. Free Your Mind
3. Waiting
4. Too Late
5. You’re My Secret
6. Hey Man
7. Tease
8. Mighty Old Man
9. Tell Me What I’ve Done
10. Should Have Told You
11. Joe English

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