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Kiss ‎–En Paris 76 dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with insert. Limited 100 copies

Kiss first live album ‘Alive’ was a huge success and it not only brought Kiss the breakthrough they had been seeking, but arguably saved Casablanca, which was close to bankruptcy. Following this success, Kiss partnered with producer Bob Ezrin, who had previously worked with Alice Cooper. The result was Destroyer (released March 15, 1976), Kiss’s most musically ambitious studio album to date. The album sold well initially and became the group’s second gold album, but it quickly dropped down the charts. The single ‘Beth’ was released in August of 1976 and it was such a hit that it even until this day remains their highest charting single. That single would help to get Destroyer back on the charts and the ticket sales would increase enormously to Kiss concerts after that month. This album captures the band live during the Destroyer tour but before the ‘Beth-phenomenon’. Recorded at the Olympia in Paris, France on the 22nd of May 1976 with an excellent sound. The mix of instruments and vocals is well balanced, overall a very enjoyable show from start to finish. After the release of Destroyer the band embarked on what is referred to as The First European Tour, a 17 date jaunt where the band used the stage set up and costumes from the Alive tour. The recording starts with some instrument tuning that leads into “All Right Paris You Wanted The Best…” intro and the band hits the stage with their most effective opening salvo of Deuce and Strutter, Ace is playing well, his solos are energetic and set the pace. “This is from our new album Destroyer…..its called Flaming Youth” , this rarely played gem is an early highlight of the set. Very close to the record the song is great live and unfortunately would be dropped after this tour so it is nice to have such a well recording version to enjoy. Another two songs that are made for each other follow, as they do on Alive, Hotter Than Hell starts it off and gets the crowd clapping as it segues into Firehouse. I think these songs work so well because Kiss was a true working band back then and their use of harmonies is very effective, Gene and Paul’s vocals work very well together and they just hit it. The crowd gives a big cheer at its conclusion giving the band their approval, the crowd is very respectful and after a little cheering the quiet down, its obvious all eyes are on the strange looking men from America. For me there are a couple Kiss songs with riffs that have huge balls to them, She is one of those songs. Built for the concert stage again the crowd it into it and clap as Gene play his bass in the center section before Ace plays the solo, and what a solo it twists like a snake and leads to the songs heaviness. The song gives way to a blistering Ace solo, after ripping into some fast paced notes he hits his echo and goes on a space trip that has the audience on its feet shouting and clapping. More cowbell please as the band goes right into a fast paced Nothing To Lose, there is little fan fare between songs, the band obviously preferred to let the music do the talking, it should be noted that Peter Criss is in top form and his drum fills are perfect. Another new song is next and arrives to someone blowing a whistle, Shout It Out Loud again is close to the record and it sounds as if the band is still getting used to playing it live. The audience is really getting into the show and becomes more vocal as Gene gets into his bass solo and blood spitting that leads into another favourite 100,000 Years. Ace play such an important role in this song, its his soloing and Peter’s drum fills that make this song. Peter gets his solo spot and hit takes advantage of it, he is playing the hell out of his kit and his snare is almost destroyed at is conclusion with the crowd shouting a cheering him on. The opening stains of Black Diamond garners cheers from the audience, they clap in time with the song and cheer as the bombs go off at its conclusion. They have no choice but to chant at its conclusion to get the band back on stage, they are successful and the reward is Detroit Rock City. The version here sounds almost stripped down and not as polished as it would become, the crowd is very into it and clap through out the song. The show comes to an end with the signature Rock N Roll All Nite, the crowd again chanting at its conclusion as the recording keeps going as the house lights come up and music is played over the PA.

Track list:
1. Introduction
2. Deuce
3. Stritter
4. Flaming Youth
5. Hotter Than Hell
6. Firehouse
7. She
8. Solo Ace Frehley
9. Nothin To Lose
10. Shout It Out Loud
11. Solo Gene Simmons
12. 100 000 Years
13. Solo Peter Criss
14. Black Diamond
15. Detroit Rock City
16. Rock And Roll All Nite

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