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Kiss ‎–Globen Stockholm 1996 3lp [red]


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Triple vinyl set on red vinyls with insert. Limited 100 copies

When Kiss were reunited in 1996 it was a big opportunity for many fans to relieve their youth. The Alive Worldwide tour was the first tour with original members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley since their 1979 Dynasty Tour. The tour would become the most successful Kiss tour to date. This show at the Globe Arena in Stockholm om the 6th of December 1996 was not just a return to the past it was a glimpse into what Kiss would be like today if the original members had stayed together and kept the make-up on. Paul and Gene, as usual, looked ready to party but not running around as much as they used to do, Ace preferred to let his fingers do the talking. Peter did his Charlie Watts imitation but was much nicer to his drum kit than he was when he was still in the band. However most people never saw the original band play live so for most of the people it was probably one of their best gigs they had seen and the band had all kinds of tricks throughout the show — mostly during solos by Ace and Gene — and laid down some of the most exciting theatrical entertainment ever seen by most in attendance. The band covered a lot of ground in the nearly two hours they were on stage. Songs such as “100,000 Years,” “Do You Love Me,” “Shock Me” and “New York Groove” were surprise and welcome additions to the set list, as these songs haven’t been played since the 70’s. However, missing were such staples as “Nothin’ to Lose,” “Hotter than Hell” and, most notably, “Parasite.” The show closer was of course, THE rock and roll anthem, “Rock and Roll All Night.” Seemingly hundreds of pounds of coloured confetti were dumped on the crowd, while Peter’s drum kit was high above the stage amidst all the pyro, lights, smoke and excitement that Kiss promised for their reunion tour

Track list:
1. Deuce
2. King Of The Night Time World
3. Do You Love Me
4. Calling Dr. Love
5. Cold Gin
6. Watchin’ You
7. Firehouse
8. I Stole Your Love
9. Shock Me
10. Solo Ace Frehley
11. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
12. Shout It Out Loud
13. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
14. C’mon And Love Me
15. Solo Gene Simmons
16. God of Thunder
17. Solo Peter Criss
18. New York Groove
19. Love Gun
20. 100,000 Years
21. Solo Paul Stanley
22. Black Diamond
23. Detroit Rock City
24. Beth
25. Rock and Roll All Nite

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