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Kiss ‎–Who Dares Wins dlp [yellow]


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Double album on yellow vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

Released on September 21, 1987 Crazy Nights was KISS’ most polished and pop oriented record since Unmasked, much more influenced by the popular hair metal trend that was ruling the airwaves and when compared to the records from their contemporaries is a strong one. Again Gene had little to do with the record and Paul was at the reins, fully in control. The record has a certain polished feel to it and a few songs actually had keyboards on them thanks to the slick production by Ron Nevison who has a wonderful pedigree and had, at the time, been a hit maker for Heart and Ozzy. The band had not toured for over a year and the resulting trek would find the band playing pretty much worldwide and last for a little over a year. The recording featured here is from the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis on the 27th of December 1987. The band utilize a drone intro before the “You Wanted The Best” that is very effective as it has kind of a heavy undertone. The band use Love Gun as an opener, the song is a Klassic but for me fails a little as an opener. It does, however, give the sign that the band is in fine form and Bruce is on fire, one of the nice things about this set how good a guitarist he really is. I have really developed a new appreciation for him as I have never immersed myself this deeply into the bands late 80’s output. Paul does a quick intro rap before Cold Gin overall it feels like Paul’s talking between the songs had more sexual innuendo than usual. The band play a storming version of Fit’s Like A Glove, the fast paced song really gets things going and sets a faster tempo for the evening, I love when the band does the quick breaks and Bruce solos widely over them. The title track from Crazy Nights is pop fluff but has a solid chorus that elicited some sporadic screams from the crowd. Heaven’s On Fire raises the temperature in the house. Gene’s solo on this night is quite simple more of a prelude to I Love It Loud, at this time his signature tune. Lick It Up, Roick And Roll All Nite and Detroit Rock City ends the show. There are also 4 tracks added to the show from the night before, which was the War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wane 26th of December 1987. This is because these 4-tracks are missing from the Indianapolis show. This show from Indianapolis had Ted Nugent as support act and was billed as Holiday Festival Jam 87

Track list:
1. Love Gun
2. Cold Gin
3. Bang Bang You
4. Fits Like A Glove
5. No No No
6. Guitar Solo – Bruce Kulick
7. Drum Solo – Eric Carr
8. Crazy, Crazy Nights
9. War Machine
10. Reason To Live
11. Heavens On Fire
12. Bass Solo – Gene Simmons
13. I Love It Loud
14. Tears Are Falling
15. White Christmas
16. La Bamba
17. Whole Lotta Love
18. Lick It Up
19. Rock And Roll All Nite
20. Detroit Rock City

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