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Kiss -Love Kiss From Hell dcd


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Double cd in digipak cover. Limited 100 numbered copies

Kiss arrived in Portugal on October 8th back in 1983 to prepare for the start of the Lick It Up tour. The band conducted two days of final production rehearsals with the first show without makeup taking place on October 11 at the Sports Palais in Lisbon. With the lack of makeup and vastly different set list from just three years earlier the band’s identity had changed drastically. In fact, at the first show some of the crowd apparently chanted We Want Kiss while the band performed, not realizing that the unmasked band was Kiss. This album was recorded 20 days later on the 31st of October at the Espace Ballard in Paris. Classic songs featured in the set included: Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Detroit Rock City, Firehouse, Love Gun and the obligatory Rock And Roll All Nite. The band had dropped God Of Thunder as Gene felt that the track belonged to the make up era with the blood spitting and everything. Several tracks from the band two latest albums Creatures Of The Night and Lick It Up was performed. In some ways the Lick It Up tour was simply a repeat of the previous tour, sans make-up. The battle-tank drum riser and staging was recycled, which particularly for the European market made sense since they’d not seen the show previously. Simple walls of amplifiers were placed to either side with the tank-treads remaining in use on either side of the stage. The lighted Kiss logo remained the primary background object. While pyro was limited for much of the tour, the sparkling-wall of flame effect was still used. Without their normal stage wear the band members felt lighter and their non-stop high-energy movement actually made the band perform the songs faster.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Creatures Of The Night
3. Detroit Rock City
4. Cold Gin
5. Fits Like A Glove
6. Firehouse
7. Guitar Solo-Paul Stanley
8. Exciter
9. War Machine
10. Gimme More
11. Guitar Solo-Vinnie Vincent
12. Bass Solo-Gene Simmons
13. I Love It Loud
14. I Still Love You
15. Drum Solo-Eric Carr
16. Young And Wasted
17. Love Gun
18. Black Diamond
19. Lick It Up
20. Rock And Roll All Nite

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