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Kiss – Love Theme From Kiss [green]


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Limited green vinyl with a numbered red insert cover When Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons had problems finding a record label that were interested to released the Wicked Lester material they started to think about ideas that would make them stand out on the current music scene. In April of 1972 Peter joined them and in January of 1973 Ace joined them too and the new band, Kiss, was born. Paul and Gene had already come up with the idea of a shocking image and the band started to do club gigs. One of the tracks performed during the 1973 club gigs were an instrumental track called Acrobat. When the band signed a four album recorded deal with Casablanca records on the first of November 1973 they took the track Acrobat and reworked it into their signature song Love Theme From Kiss. It was released as the B-side on the bands first single Nothin To Loose in 1974. Love Theme From Kiss is the only Kiss song to feature songwriting credits for all four original members. Track listing: 1. Love Theme From Kiss/Acrobat-demo 2. I Stole Your Love-live Denver 21st of December 1977

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