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Kiss – No Maracana box [3 lp/t-shirt]


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Triple vinyl set with pressfolder, photo, tour itinerary, booklet. T-shirt and a giant poster

Kiss began 1983 playing to half capacity audiences across America on their Creatures Of The Night tour, by the time Motley Crue were added to the bill the guys must have been fed up. They had just released an excellent album and it felt that only the faithful cared. The new wave of Sleazy rock was taking over and even though the shows started selling better towards the middle of the tour this rise in bums on seats was largely attributed to the Crue. Gene Simmons told reporters during this time that if they were to drop the greasepaint the magic would be gone and that there was no intention to take this step to bolster publicity or increase ticket sales. The band was in short, was sticking to it’s guns. A trip to Brazil must have bandaged some wounded ego’s in June when Kiss played to an incredible 137,000 people at Rio De Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium, but the general feeling within the Kiss camp was that in order to survive something had to give. This box set features both the 60 minute radio broadcast from that show at Rock In Rio as well as the complete show. The Rock In Rio show was part of a three concert mini tour of Brazil. While their popularity had eroded in the United States, the Brazilians greeted them like conquering heroes and the band played to very large crowds and the concerts would be the final performed in make up. The best documented of these shows was this one featured here. Played to a massive crowd of 137,000 screaming Kiss fans the show was filmed and portions of the concert where played in TV and Radio. The band take the stage for Creatures Of The Night and see the massive audience and the energy is flowing from their every move, their confidence oozes and the band hits their stride by the time they are done with Detroit Rock City. The crowd is amped up for Firehouse and the siren at the end sound very surreal and garners a huge ovation from the massive crowd. I Want You does have Vinnie’s solo, I can most certainly hear the influence of Randy Rhoads in his solo. We do get Paul’s rap for I Love It Loud as he asked the massive audience to sing with the band and in certain parts you can feel the presence of the massive audience. The band knew they were being recorded so Paul does not use his typical introduction for Love Gun, in fact he has Vinnie introduce the song and it sounds like his request catches the guitarist off guard, he also sticks with the Ace leads for the song making for a strong rendition of the classic. Gene’s solo has an eerie feel to it thanks to the soundboard feed you hear a lot of nuances you do not hear in audience recordings. This would be last time Kiss would perform with make-up until the Reunion tour in 1996. At the beginning of the tour the whole band sang the chants that opened and closed their new, main single I Love It Loud but by the middle of the tour this was changed and only Simmons sang it. A beautiful and must have box set

Track list:
Lp 1: Radio Broadcast Maracana Stadium June 18, 1983
1. Creatures Of The Night
2. Cold Gin
3. Calling Dr. Love
4. Firehouse
5. I Love It Loud
6. Interview
7. Eric Carr Drum Solo
8. War Machine
9. God Of Thunder
10. Black Diamond
11. Rock And Roll All Nite

Lp 2 and 3: The complete Show Maracana Stadium June 18, 1983
1. Creatures Of The Night
2. Destroit Rock City
3. Cold Gin
4. Calling Dr. Love
5. Firehouse
6. Guitar Solo -Paul Stanley
7. I Want You
8. Guitar Solo -Vinnie Vincet
9. I Love It Loud
10. Eric Carr Drum Solo
11. War Machine
12. Love Gun
13. Bass Solo -Gene Simmons
14. God Of Thunder
15. I Still Love You
16. Black Diamond
17. Rock And Roll All Nite

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