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Kiss (Sator/Hellacopters/Livin Sacrifice) – Covered In Scandinavia A Tribute To Kiss


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Kiss Covered In Scandinavia is a great tribute disc. Virtually every track has been given at least a minor personal touch by the artist who performs it (though more often than not the touch is a substantial one) making this one of the most creative and original disc of Kiss covers I've heard. The picture disc version features 4-tracks from the double cd and some Kiss interview excerpts. All American Man (Hellacopters) Its great to see another Kiss tribute disc featuring a version of this too oft overlooked gem. The Hellacopters aren't playing around on this aggressive, take no prisoners, screaming guitar version that had no trouble convincing me that Swedish lead vocalist "Paul Hellacopter" was actually a six foot, hot look, all American man (the man sings like he's challenging you to say he's anything but what he claims to be!). A good, old fashioned, flat out rocker – with some interesting vocal and guitar distortion! C'Mon And Love Me (Sator) Ok, this is the fastest I've ever heard this track played by anyone. I don't think it'd sound this fast if you played your LP on 45! I hope someone gets a radar gun on this thing cause it's smokin'! Other than that it's actually a very respectable "straight up" cover featuring some excellent guitar work from Chips Kiesbye, who is also the vocalist. Do You Love Me (Livin' Sacrifice) The first thing that came to mind when I heard this cover was Joan Jett. That was followed closely by the image of a really pissed off Pat Benatar a la "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." That's it, it's Pat Benatar's voice with Joan Jett's attitude — in other words, very cool! Livin Sacrifice's female vocalists Maria and Marianne (guitar & bass respectively) sing this song in a way that makes it clear the answer to the question posed by the song's title better be one they like or else they're gonna be really, really upset. In addition to the female vocals, the song also comes complete with a beefed up, heavier (though very recognizable) musical arrangement. Parasite (Gone) The Nine Inch Nails (think "Head Like a Hole"), industrial flavored beginning to this track lets you know right away that Gone is gonna put their own stamp on this one, which they most definitely proceed to do. For those who thought Parasite wasn't already heavy enough, this is the version for you! There is an absolutely screaming guitar solo in this one by Mats Stahl, who certainly knows how to play his axe, and that ain't no drum machine, but rather Stefan Kalfors killing his kit! Yet, despite the industrial feel to the track the arrangement is actually fairly close to the original all the way up until the breakdown/solo section, from which Gone does proceed to GO in a completely different direction, to very cool effect. Another standout favorite. Track listing: 1. The Hellacopters – All American Man 2. Sator – Cmon And Love Me 3. Livin Sacrifice – Do You Love Me 4. Gone – Parasite 5. Kiss – Kiss Talks

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