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Kommandant / Nominon -Split 7″


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Black vinyl with lyric insert and a Kommandant sticker. Limited 500 copies

A split single between the American blackened thrash death act Kommandant and the Swedish death metal combo Nominon. It starts with the Chicago based Kommandant and their track Absence Of Light which is very vicious, fast and straight forward, with sinister atmosphere and almost Swedish black metal feeling from bands like Marduk and Setherial. The sound and the vocals are great and nothing feels out of place. This could very well be among the best tracks the band has produced. Nominon on the other hand have chosen to record a cover tune for this single and they have chosen Human Proof from the maniacal Impaled Nazarene and their album Nihil.

Track list:
1. Kommandant -Absence Of Light
2. Nominon -Human Proof-Impaled Nazarene cover

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Cryptorium Records

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