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Korpiklaani -Voice Of Wilderness cd [Irond]


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Official licensed made Irond records release in jewelcase made for the Baltic States, Moldova, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Russian countries

Korpiklaani’s sophomore album is something quite amazing. While “Spirit of the Forest” sure as hell wasn’t a bad album, but it lacked variety, musically speaking. And while “Voice of Wilderness” doesn’t do much to change that, it does do something, and that is, it changes the atmosphere on some songs a little bit, never dropping the happiness, but rather, adding to it. But the biggest reason “Voice of Wilderness” is better than “Spirit of the Forest” is that the overall execution, the overall metallic ness, and the overall folkiness is far superior and it seems as though these guys have found their voice. The album, much like “Spirit of the Forest”, starts of with (and again, thank Odin for this, no Thordamned intro) “Cottages and Saunas”, which, like “Wooden Pints” on “Spirit of the Forest”, sets the mood for what’s to follow, however, most of what is to follow is highly unpredictable, yet it all seems to fit somehow. It’s weird, but that’s how it is. And this is where “Voice of Wilderness” excels at. While all the songs are uplifting, the merge happiness with other feelings and atmospheres, from epic battles, to nationalism to all other sorts of crazy combinations, but all the songs are, at the core, happy songs. Lyrically, “Voice of Wilderness” is just as varied as “Spirit of the Forest”, with songs about hunting (Hunting Song), patriotism (Native Land) and some are just there to entertain (Cottages and Saunas) and of course, its Korpiklaani, so there had to be something about alcohol in there, so there’s the song “Beer Beer” (whose title gives it away). Overall, Korpiklaani’s sophomore effort under the name and for Napalm Records, is a great piece of folk metal, building up on the foundations laid on the album “Spirit of the Forest”, and both are very similar, however, at the same time, you can tell these guys progressed from that sound, thus rewarding people who liked the first album with something that will definitely appeal to them, but also attracting people who want a different sound from the first one. Korpiklaani really showed their prowess on this album, and whether or not it’s the best they can do remains to be heard, however, at least, in my honest opinion, I think Korpiklaani have enough creative power to compete with and become legends in their own right.

Track listing:
1. Cottages And Saunas
2. Journey Man
3. Fields In Flames
4. Pine Woods
5. Spirit Of The Forest
6. Native Land
7. Hunting Song
8. Ryyppajaiset
9. Beer Beer
10. Old Tale
11. Kadet Siipina
12. Hunting Song-video

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IROND CD 05-960