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Kottak -Rock N Roll Forever cd


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Drummer James Kottak first appeared on the radar as a member of Kingdom Come, playing on the first two albums, then would go on to stints with Wild Horses, McAuley Schenker Group and Warrant before landing a dream job with Germany’s finest The Scorpions, with whom he would spend twelve years. During that time he did a Dave Grohl and took up guitar and vocals, forming his own band, which he describes as Cheap Trick meets Green Day on a bad day. Kottak and his bandmates created a band that was going to release albums on the purpose Only killers, no fillers and their third album, Rock N Roll Forever, is just that. Packed with a punk attitude and energetic songs with lots of melody. You will probably end up spinning this one more than the latest Scorpions album.

Track list:
1. Rock N Roll Forever
2. Where You Wanna Go
3. Dont Wanna Go Home
4. Sunset BLVD
5. Scream With Me
6. Daddy U R My Star
7. Super Pricks
8. Drunk Uncle Pete
9. Class Of 3000
10. Time To Say Good-Bye
11. Holiday
12. Time To Say Good-Bye-acoustic
13. Sunset BLVDvideo

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