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Krampus –Mental Holocaust cd


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Mental holocaust is the debut album from this Hungarian death grind act. The band was founded in Veszprem in the summer of 2009. Their goal was to be the Earth’s most destructive live band and their live shows are very intense. Check the artwork and the song titles and you will see that Krampus doesnt take themselves too seriously. They have found an absolutely healthy balance in this area: obviously no one will find philosophical depths in the lines of Perverted And Sadistic, Autopsy Ejaculation, Perpare For Impaling. The songs are also short, on average one to one and a half minutes long. Its extreme with some sick fucking deep vocals. Fans of of Old Carcass, Napalm Death, General Surgery but with some more death metal side added will find things to love here.

Track list:
1. Servants Of Lies
2. Perverted And Sadistic
3. Autopsy Ejaculation
4. Holy Scripture
5. Burning Witch
6. Murder, Madness, Revenge
7. Sulphuric Vultures
8. Formaldehid
9. Sweet Kill
10. Mental Holocaust
11. Blood Feast
12. Unmerciful Execution
13. Sexual Psychopath
14. Psychical Complexity
15. Rigor Mortis
16. Prepare For Impaling

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