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Kreator -Extreme Aggression 3lp


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2017 re-issue on an amazing triple vinyl set with 14 bonus tracks and gatefold cover including sleeve notes from Mille

On Extreme Aggression, a successful Kreator closes the ’80s by delivering their final thrash triumph. With the most hallowed Kreator lineup ( Mille Petrozza on vocals and guitar, Jorg Tritze on guitar, Mille Petrozza on drums, and bassist Rob Fioretti) joining forces once again to follow up the spectacular Terrible Certainty, Kreator sounds determined to continue their thrash mastery on Extreme Aggression. Petrozza and Fioretti’s guitar work is as punchy as ever, and Reil’s massive drums are unrelenting and continually improving. While the anonymous production has a slightly negative effect on Extreme Aggression, when compared to more commercially successful major label thrash artists like Metallica, Kreator uses their underground experience to fight through and present a unique package stuffed with hearty riffs and performances. This 2017 edition also features the Live In East Berlin recording as bonus

Track listing:
1. Extreme Aggression
2. No Reason To Exist
3. Love Us Or Hate Us
4. Stream Of Consciousness
5. Some Pain Will Last
6. Betrayer
7. Don’t Trust
8. Bringer Of Torture
9. Fatal Energy
10. Some Pain Will Last-live East Berlin 1990
11. Extreme Aggression-live East Berlin 1990
12. Under The Guillotine-live East Berlin 1990
13. Toxic Trace-live East Berlin 1990
14. Bringer Of Torture-live East Berlin 1990
15. Pleasure To Kill-live East Berlin 1990
16. Flag Of Hate-live East Berlin 1990
17. Terrible Certainty-live East Berlin 1990
18. Riot Of Violence-live East Berlin 1990
19. Love Us Or Hate Us-live East Berlin 1990
20. Behind The Mirror-live East Berlin 1990
21. Betrayer-live East Berlin 1990
22. Awakening Of The Gods-live East Berlin 1990
23. Tormentor-live East Berlin 1990

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