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Kreator ‎–Violent Revolution In Istanbul lp


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Black vinyl

Essen’s pride Kreator performed on the first ever Rock The Nations Festival in Istanbul, Turkey on the 29th of June 2003 together with Dio, Opeth, Rotting Christ and three Turkish acts Radical Noise, Antisilen and Almora. Nearly 5000 music lovers showed up on the first festival. Several tracks were performed from ther new album, Violent Revolution, as well as some old school classics from the early 80s. Violent Revolution was one of the strongest albums the band had released in a long time and the line-up was also one of the tightest since the Coma Of Souls album. From the new album we have modern day Thrash classics like Reconquering The Throne, Violent Revolution, All Of The Same Blood and Servant In Heaven King In Hell. All tracks sound particularly brutal, and blend in well with older classics such as People Of The Lie, Terrible Certainty, Flag Of Hate and Riot Of Violence. With this great comeback album Kreator showed that they still had some kreativity left and proved why they have staying power in the industry and are still one of the best thrash metal outfits that you can experience live today.

Track list:
1. Violent Revolution
2. Reconquering The Throne
3. Extreme Aggression
4. People Of The Lie
5. All Of The Same Blood
6. Phobia
7. Renewal
8. Servant In Heaven – King In Hell
9. Terrible Certainty
10. Riot Of Violence
11. Flag Of Hate
12. Tormentor

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