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Krisiun -Bloodshed cd


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The band considers Bloodshed to be a full length album even though theres 8 new tracks and 4 tunes from the bands debut album Unmerciful Order. Regarding those old tunes these are raw and reminds more of Sepulturas Morbid Visions than later Krisun material. Few bands in 1994 were able to create such a massive and pounding release and Krisiun already showed no mercy if we are talking about pure blast beats devastation. The new material on Bloodshed is pure Krisiun with super fast thrashy death riffs and blasting and nihilistic vocals.

Track list:
1. Slain Fate
2. Ominous
3. Servant Of Emptiness
4. Eons
5. Hateful Nature
6. Visions Beyond
7. Voodoo
8. They Call Me Death-from Unmerciful Order 1993
9. Unmerciful Order-from Unmerciful Order 1993
10. Crosses Towards Hell-from Unmerciful Order 1993
11. Infected Core-from Unmerciful Order 1993
12. Outro / MMIV

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