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Krisiun -Mortem Solis lp


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Black vinyl with insert

The masters of the Brazilian old school death metal Krisiun returned in the summer of 2022 with Mortem Solis. And the three Sao Paulo brothers deliver another board-hard and incredibly strong studio album where the band convince with precise riffs and hard-hitting sound with the active support of Mark Lewis (production and mix). To the unseasoned death metal consumer, nothing seems to have changed upon initial listen but the avid fan will pick up on the slight nuances. The bass on this album is awesome and audible. The drums , while still hard and fast , fall to the background to let the serpentine riffs breathe more. Alex is still a formidable vocalist who never wavers from his deathly grunts. There is a cool instrumental piece that breaks up the barrage of violence. Is this as good as Conquerors Of Armageddon or The Southern Storm? Probably not but it’s still ruthless and shows there is no rust on the belts of these death metal masters!

Track list:
1. Sworn Enemies
2. Serpent Messiah
3. Swords Into Flesh
4. Necronomical
5. Tomb Of The Nameless
6. Dawn Sun Carnage-intro
7. Temple Of The Abattoir
8. War Blood Hammer
9. As Angels Burn
10. Worm God

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