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Krisiun -Unmerciful Order lp [original]


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Mega rare original first vinyl release on Hungo Records 1994

An uncompromising sibling extreme metal trio from Brazil, Krisiun’s savage lyrics, punishing riffs, and unmitigated velocity helped make them one of the more punitive metal ensembles to emerge in the 1990s. Heavily influenced by bands like Slayer, Sodom, and Morbid Angel, the band employ a vicious, straight-ahead death metal style that was crystallized into pure fury on career-making outings like Apocalyptic Revelation (1998), Conquerors of Armageddon (2000), and The Great Execution (2011) that brought many imitators out of the woodwork. Hailing from Porto Alegre and founded in 1990, the band soon released a pair of demos (1991’s Evil Age and 1992’s Curse Of The Evil One) and the self-released mini-album Unmerciful Order in 1993 and after that the band were soon picked up record labels. The Unmerciful Order is necessary in your collection if you really want to know how much Krisiun were ahead for the period. Few bands in 1994 were able to create such a massive and pounding release and Krisiun already showed no mercy if we are talking about pure blast beats devastation. Black Force Domain would have been recorded the year after and the style is quite similar with the exception of the production that is still a bit raw and less powerful for the volumes. The nihilist, destructive will of this band knows no boundaries and the young age of the members here involved makes the whole matter seem more inhuman and unbelievable.

Track list:
1. They Call Me Death
2. Unmerciful Order
3. Crosses Toward Hell
4. Agonize The Ending
5. Summons Of Irreligious
6. Meaning Of Terror
7. Infected Core
8. Insurrected Past
9. Rises From Black

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