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Krowos ‎–Verbum Luciferi cd


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Digipak. Limited to 500 numbered copies

Krowos lead us in the darkest depths of the occult. This act was formed in 2011 in Catania, Italy, and has released a number of splits and two full-lengths, the second of which, Verbum Luciferi, was released in February of 2017. The band’s style is raw melodic black metal, but the band is committed mainly to occult black metal, or rather I should say Luciferian black metal. In fact, the whole album is a mass and each song is a hymn to Lucifer, who should not be seen as the counterpart of Jesus, though; besides, all the lyrics are in Latin, which renders the liturgical atmosphere of this mass even better. In general, the album is very harsh and abrasive, not least for the raw, and biting sound of the guitar, produced by Marduk member Magnus Devo Andersson, but I think that there is also a certain melodiousness, as mentioned above. There is definitely a big deal of variation; some tracks, like “Vangelo” and “Credo”, just to mention a couple of examples, display a definitely wide soundscape, and in fact the band often varies between screaming and clean vocals. Verbum Luciferi is definitely a good effort and deserves attention and respect

Track list:
1. Verbum Luciferi
2. Infamia in Excelsis
3. Vangelo
4. Malignus
5. Credo
6. Offertorio

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